Inani Beach - A marvelous place to enjoy!

One hour ride on tuk tuk and you an visit a nearby beach i.e inani beach. Water is much cleaner there , and scenery that one comes across on the way ..

Prasaad Paradise: Cox's best

I stayed one night and two days there, its nicely located right next to the beach, rates are quite reasonable. You can book different tours from the ..

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Tour đi Côn Đảo 2 ngày 1 đêm
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Himchari National Park

Himchari National Park
Himchari the National Park is a lush tropical forest, which is very near the city of Cox’s Bazar, which has protected and preserved for the people of Bangladesh and visitors from abroad.
Parks forests that have high, low forest cover and grassland with some trees. Some areas of grassland that can be affected before the park is fully customizable. Although the Bay of Bengal, not far, not Himchari intertidal habitats.

Located 12 km south of Cox’s Bazar no more than 50 types of trees, including microcos Grewia, Dipterocarpus turbinatus, vitex and pedurcularis acerifolium Bayur. The forest area has dozens of species of important plants, including floribunda Swintonia, Curculigo recurvata Alpinia nigra and more valuable. Paradise Park is also considered a birder. Many birders are gathered here to see the variety of bird species, as over 286 birds found. In addition, 55 species of mammals, 56 reptiles and 13 species of amphibians in pine forests. A small number of elephants and tigers are also found here. U.S. government has reached an agreement with the Government of Bangladesh to inaugurate the tiger in the jungle.

Some interesting places you can possibly visit are:
waterfalls Himchari is a very rare scene to enjoy. Waterfalls green hill is relatively uncommon. However, in winter, while decreases in the rainy season, it is really beautiful and full drop can be appreciated. This place is ideal for picnics, shooting, relax and sunbathe. Here, you get the center of the beautiful hill station where you can stay to relax and can be heard side of the Bay of Bengal.

Broken Hills: It is also an attraction for most visitors.
Also wildlife in national parks:
* Wildlife: Elephants, tigers, Restricted langur, gibbon, macaque, Dhole, sloth Bear, Hirundo rustica, Indian Muntjac, Wild Boar, Parvus Cypsiurrus Leopard Cat, Jungle Cat, Fishing Cat, and Acridotheres.
* Adventure: picnic, shooting and bird safari
For the price of entry to the location of the park can be detailed:
Fees *: Tk. 5.00 / person
* Visitors present: 2,00,000 / Year
Note: You can join the National Parks Himchari. So make sure you return to the city before returning the evening tide. Not wise to stay here after sunset.
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